People increasingly growing own produce

An increasing number of people are looking to grow their own produce at home, according to gardening expert Joe Swift.

The Gardeners World presenter explains that the sales of seeds for fruit and vegetables have been higher than ornamental plants for the first time since the Dig For Victory campaign that took place during World War II.

He states that home-grown produce can have a number of financial, sustainable and ethical advantages over its shop-bought counterparts.

"You know where it comes from, youve got no food miles and food is becoming very expensive," Mr Swift notes.

Concluding, he states that a space which makes use of the combination of home-grown produce and ornamental plants can lead to the creation of a truly "fantastic garden".

In related news, industry commentator Carla Allen recently wrote in online resource that horticulturalists should consider the placement of their shrubs before purchasing and planting them.