Pensioners urged to garden for exercise

Getting out into the garden or greenhouse has been suggested as part of a list of activities that may make the UKs pensioners feel better following reports that many over-65s are unhappier than their counterparts 50 years ago, reports the Daily Mail.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has said gardening, walking, swimming and even dance classes could all help keep pensioners happy and healthy, according to the newspaper.

Age Concerns Gordon Lishman said that the advice could only help the UKs aging population.

"Older people can benefit hugely from exercise yet there is a common myth that as we get older we should slow down," he told the paper.

"Exercise is not only good for the heart; its good for the mind too."

With the winter approaching, and the poor weather already afflicting most of the nation, many older people may be discouraged from gardening – but a greenhouse can offer a pleasant and controlled environment in which to practice the hobby.

A greenhouse can even be used to grow your own food, with tomatoes and chillies being popular things to grow under glass.