Peas please

Although the summer months are best for growing peas, they can also be grown in the greenhouse throughout the year.

Plant the pea plants with a well rotted manure or compost and make sure the soil is fairly warm before sowing.

Sow the seeds five centimetres deep and around five to seven centimetres apart and be sure to water the soil first.

The BBC Gardening website recommends growing the plants on supports until they can be moved outside.

"Peas are climbers and many old varieties reach heights of 200 centimetres," it says.

"Put supports in place before young plants become top-heavy."

Picking the peas regularly will ensure they remain fresh and harvesting should be done from the bottom up.

Peas provide a good source of vitamins and minerals with 160g of boiled peas providing 51.8 per cent of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamin K, which helps blood coagulation.