Paved areas often most used garden areas

Paved areas are often the most-used portions of a garden, a sector commentator has asserted.

Making her comments in the online pages of the Telegraph, Bunny Guinness explains that such sections can often look old and tired and as such it may be prudent to give a patio a facelift for the summer months.

She suggests that in many cases, a pressure washer can help to remove ingrained dirt and algae from paved areas, adding that moss remover can also be effective.

Gardening enthusiasts eager to extend their patio need not struggle looking for matching stone slabs when a different paving unit can add an element of contrast and can make the area look more interesting, Ms Guinness concludes.

Meanwhile, sector commentator Anna Johnson recently told online resource that grouping pots together on a patio can make the area more appealing to the eye as well as making an impact.