Paris set for glass pyramid

Skyscrapers have been banned in Paris since then mayor Jacques Chirac said "pas plus sil vous plait" (no more please) back in 1977.

But now, a huge glass pyramid is set to become the first of 20 new high-rise buildings in the French capital.

Officials voted to allow the 200 metre, 50 storey Project Triangle to be built, making it the first skyscraper in the city for over 30 years.

The glass building will become the third largest building in Paris behind the Montparnasse Tower and the Eiffel Tower and, if artists impressions are anything to go by, is set to become the citys newest landmark.

"Paris has always put economic development, employment and innovation at the heart of its ambition," said Deputy Mayor, Anne Hidalgo.

"This must now be translated into concrete which will reinforce its economic attractiveness."

The unique design will mean that Project Triangle will not cast shadows on other buildings, according to its designers, who also designed the stunning Birds Nest stadium for the Beijing Olympics.