Outdoors trend in new home architecture

Homebuilders are using kitchen extensions, glass boxes and conservatories to open up their designs and give the feeling of bringing the outdoors indoors, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The trend can be seen as designers recognising the benefits of using natural light and making the most of the surrounding scenery to beautify homes.

The newspaper interviewed 52-year-old Janjri Trivedi who built an extension which encompassed a 25 foot silver birch tree in glass as part of her plan to simplify the house.

She said she had stripped her home of all drapes and mirrors to try to create a more outdoorsy feel.

"Bringing the outside in was the key idea, so that we could feel we were sitting in the garden 24 hours a day, all year round," she said.

Although Ms Trivedis case may sound a little extreme, homeowners keen to introduce the outdoors to their own home can do so by having a say in the design of their own custom built glass house or conservatory.

A kitchen or dining room extension can add real aesthetic value to a building if made from glass and has the dual-benefits of adding both space and natural light.