Origami Mini-Greenhouses

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has increased exponentially over the past few years, but all too often space very quickly becomes an issue, especially for those of us who live in an urban setting.

The Microgarden is a concept developed jointly by German company Infarm and Swedish firm Tomorrow Machine, specifically designed for those who want to flex their horticultural muscles, but lack the space to do so.

The Microgarden comes in the form of a small, origami-like greenhouse, in the shape of a hexagonal star which, when folded becomes a cone-like mini-structure designed to produce tiny baby vegetables known as microgreens.

Made of translucent waterproof material, the Microgarden requires the user to simply add seeds to the growing mixture – a seaweed based gel, place in the dark for three days and then moved into the light for a further seven to ten days. The user can expect to be eating greens within two weeks.

The Microgarden goes on sale this autumn.

Image courtesy of Brit.co