Organising the garden should be the top resolution for next year

Planning should be the top new year’s resolution for gardeners and greenhouse owners this year, according to one horticulture specialist.

In an article for the Salisbury Post, Darrell Blackwelder claimed buying and then planting seeds on impulse can cause crops to become overgrown or diseased.

He suggested seeking the help of qualified gardeners or nurserymen to get the best out of any green space.

Another resolution for 2011 is to ensure all equipment is maintained properly, Mr Blackwelder continued.

This can include sharpening mower and pruner blades and replacing seals and gaskets in hand-pump sprayers.

Finally, take the opportunity to learn how to prune properly next year, the expert added, as "judicious pruning is mandatory for quality fruits and healthy shrubs".

These resolution suggestions follow recent winter gardening tips from the Royal Horticultural Society, which advised individuals to always check their greenhouse temperature and avoid watering plants until any ice thaws.