Organic Gardening Greenhouses

Organic gardening is not a new concept. Prior to manufactured pest controls and fertilisers it could be argued that all gardening was organic. Recently there has been an agricultural retrogression where even the big supermarkets are turning their back on some goods that use manufactured chemicals in their production in flavor of local suppliers that use natural means of growing produce. In the same way gardeners around Britain are going back to their roots – opting to garden organically. A small plot of land or a raised bed is all that is required to start you off growing a few vegetables. However your growing season will be limited as will the type of fruit or vegetables that can be grown. If you are serious about organic gardening and want to extend your growing season, increase your harvest and grow plants that would otherwise be difficult to grow in our climate then you should seriously consider a greenhouse.

Actually, it makes more sense to go for organic farming when you engage in greenhouse growing. Greenhouses provide highly controlled environments and it is easier to go organic while using greenhouses. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or just a hobbyist, if you want to practice organic gardening, a decent greenhouse will ensure high yields. By providing the optimum environment for your plants your gardening calendar can extend by months and plants that would ordinarily not survive can see prolific growth. All without chemicals or chemical fertilizers.

If you use a greenhouse for growing organic fruit and vegetables successfully, you can produce all the vegetables that you need for your family’s requirement at home. It is not only an interesting and fulfilling hobby but it also ensures that you and your family can enjoy tasty home grown produce that you know is free from chemicals. You can grow a huge selection of vegetables in your greenhouse but a favourite has to be tomatoes. There is some comfort and satisfaction in the knowledge that when you grow your own vegetables organically in your greenhouse you can be sure 100% about the quality.

When choosing a glasshouse for growing organic vegetables you should consider the materials that are used in the construction of the greenhouse. You are best to avoid greenhouses made from synthetic materials. A popular choice for successful growing is to opt for a greenhouse made from cedar. Cedar contains oils that make it naturally resistant to rot so there is no risk of pollutants from paints or stains affecting your plants.

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