Old tights have a variety of garden uses, readers say

Lining the bottom of plant pots with old tights to keep bugs out is just one of the more unusual ways greenhouse enthusiasts keep their garden in shape, an expert has revealed.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm listed reader suggestions she has received over the years.

These included one from Margaret in Gloucestershire, who "lines the bottom of plant pots with cut-off bits of them to keep out ants".

Meanwhile, Madeleine from Christchurch and Gwen from Colchester said the feet of old tights make perfect strainers when attached to downpipes.

Away from stockings, Willem from Horndean in Hampshire suggested using wallpaper stripper to sterilise small quantities of home-made compost.

In an article for the Daily Mail last month, BBC Gardeners’ World contributor Martyn Cox said preparing the soil in a garden using compost and simple groundwork is the key to successfully growing vegetables.