Old-fashioned methods best weed killers for home gardeners

Individuals having trouble with weeds when attempting to grow vegetables have been given some tips on how using older methods may provide them with the best results.

Master gardener Tom Bruton writes in the Florida Times-Union that chemical weed control may not be the best choice to attempt to cure the problem for a home garden.

Mr Bruton highlights that gardeners will have to keep on top of the problem in its seedling stage, when farming with a garden tool should lead to easy uprooting.

"Take control measures well before weeds get large enough to develop extensive root systems so that removing them is difficult and damaging to adjoining crops," the gardener advises.

"The old saying nip it in the bud certainly applies to weed control."

Meanwhile, he adds that individuals could additionally use leaves and grass clippings to help control weed growth, which is cheaper than more traditional methods.

Weeds are often referred to as nuisance plants, for reasons including because of their tendency to restrict other plants from benefiting from light, while some cause skin irritation and others are unsightly.