Ohio gets close to record year for corn

Ohios corn yield has come close to breaking records this year, according to reports.

ToledoBlade.com reports the cool weather, rainfall and sunshine experienced in the region recently has contributed to the success of the corn harvest.

Gardening enthusiasts may be interested to learn these factors have combined to produce a "bountiful and very tasty crop", the news provider asserts.

Ryan Family Farms pointed out that 2007 saw the best year for production at some 105 bushels per acre. However, 2009 may come close to beating the record, spokesman Mark Ryan speculates.

Cindy Bench, of Bench Farms, says the size of the corn has been surprising.

She states: "Some of it is phenomenally large – and that goes back to not being stressed with too much sun.

"Theres been rain just when we need it. Last year we had so much rain we couldnt give it away fast enough."

Many farmers in the state are members of the Ohio Corn Growers Association, which has some 2,000 affiliates.

It helps farmers discover new opportunities as well as raises awareness of issues affected growers.