Now is the time to plant bulbs, expert says

Editor of Gardeners World Adam Pasco believes people should be looking to plant their bulbs as soon as possible and ensure they get plenty of water in the coming weeks in order for the roots to properly bed into the soil.

Mr Pasco said any green-fingered individuals could also try and add extra colour in the garden by scattering crocus on the lawn, so as to have flowers sprouting in the grass as well as beds.

Talking of what needs to be done after the bulbs have flowered, he added: “But then grass needs to be left for several weeks for the bulbs to complete their life cycle and die down naturally before it can be cut.”

Earlier this year, Pippa Greenwood of the Gardeners World wrote in her blog that autumn is the ideal time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs as the warmer soil and moistures promote root development