November is the month when I feel I re-tune and re-focus on the garden as a whole. The majority of the vibrant, in your face, colours of spring and summer that I’m  slightly addicted to have finished. However, quite quickly, the rich and nourishing tones of autumn have replaced them.

Planted in neighbouring patches there are a number of trees that I happily borrow as they really help to frame my back garden. My favourites are the silver birches that gently turn a buttery yellow and sprinkle my paths in gold.

I find I’m really drawn in by the foliage of quite everyday plants like strawberries. It’s now that they start to transform and turn into the most amazing fiery range of burning hues. This gets me hooked on plants like Heucheras and Heucherellas, and before I know it, I’m at a well-stocked garden centre or nursery being very tempted to aquire lots of new varieties.

This year, however, evergreens are really grabbing my attention.

I have an old multi-stemmed Fatsia japonica in a huge pot, right by the back door and at this time, as well as its many leaves supplying lobed #glossygreeness, it’s serving up  #fluffyfairyfatsiaflowers galore. On sunny days the pollinators go mad for it’s bobbly infloresences.


In truth I’m finding many of my evergreens rather moreish.

My big golden bamboos, Phyllostachys aurea, that have sulked since March when I divided one huge plant into two,  have now properly perked up. They’ve finally stopped shedding their paper brown leaves and sheaths all over the drive in disgust. In addition my small troop of fastigiate Irish Yews: one planted either side of the front door and then three beside the low front wall, are starting to look promising.  I see them as sort of emerald green sentinels at the entrance of the house.


Out at the front, my flock of Miscanthus grasses are blooming better than ever, and I’ve a small sea of upright swaying seed-heads to greet visitors at the gate.

So across the garden the #totalflowerfest may have drawn to a close for now, but a #flurryoftextureandevergreen is happening right before my eyes.