Northumberland Park Unveils Herb Garden

Northumberland Park, on the Tynemouth-North Shields border has revived a herb garden that would have been a feature of the park some 700 years ago.

Medieval records suggest that the park was the site of the 13th century St Leonards Hospital, and archaeological digs have confirmed remains. Several burials have also been uncovered. The medieval remains will be consolidated and displayed as part of the park’s restoration.

A herb garden would have been essential to any hospital in the Middle Ages, and this has been celebrated by a series of themed medieval events. The herb garden has been funded by the SITA Trust, with the idea brought to fruition by the New Friends of Northumberland Park in conjunction with Tyneside council.

The medieval herb garden, one of many new features to be introduced in the coming months, was opened with a herb planting demonstration and live 15th and 16th century music.

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