No new ideas so copy ancient castle gardens

A USA paper has come up with the idea of learning about gardening from the ancient castles of Europe. 

These early layouts, suggests The Sioux City Journal, equate to that of a block of apartment flats in today’s times, where growing land is at a premium and innovative solutions need to be found.

Although Gabriel Ash customers tend to have plenty of space for a greenhouse and garden, the way these gardeners developed their herb patches is of particular interest.

What started originally as rows were transformed into Celtic art patterns of growing, which were pleasing to the eye when viewed from the rooms and ramparts above.

There are still traces of these ‘knot gardens’ within the castles today and, in safer time’s inhabitants developed them outside the walls and extended them to many acres.  One example at Chateau de Villandry was the world’s most elaborate food garden.

Something you could try at home, perhaps?

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Author: Robert Smith

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