No change to UK autumn weather

The changing of seasons from summer to autumn has come at the correct time in the UK, despite fears over global warming having an impact on the weather.

According to garden and greenhouse experts the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather Club recruited more than 250 people around the UK for the experiment.

They recorded a number of weather variables, allowing the body to track the changing of the seasons throughout the nation.

While temperatures varied from -4.4 degrees C in Stirling and Kinbrace to 24.8 degrees C in Peacehaven, the results showed no real discrepancy in weather patterns for the time of year.

Weather Club founder Dr Liz Bentley said: "The data certainly confirms that as a small country we manage to squeeze in an extraordinary variety of weather conditions in a very short space of time."

However, the mix of rain, sun and winds of up to 102mph in the Cairngorms was not out of the ordinary for autumn in the UK.

In other news, the RHS recently reported that the Scottish island of Canna is internationally important because of its variety of waxcap fungi.