Newspaper criticises gardening programme

Despite having a Gardeners World regular as its presenter and a core theme of horticulture, a TV programme has come in for criticism by a national newspaper.

The Daily Mirrors Jane Simon suggested that garden and greenhouse enthusiasts "might be bemused" by The Edible Garden.

Screening on BBC 2 and presented by Alys Fowler, the programme lacks the hard-hitting horticulture that growers crave, Ms Simon insinuated.

Tonights theme is peas and beans, but while there are some gardening tips to be had, the article notes that viewers might be more taken with the fashion choices of Ms Fowler than her horticultural advice.

"Its more about lifestyle as we get black and white clips of summers, cutesy animation and costume changes," the newspaper explained.

In tonights episode, Ms Fowler enlists the help of a friend who is a weaver of twigs in order to make supports for her plants.

Viewers will also be introduced to her new chickens under the watchful eye of her Jack Russell.

Meanwhile, the Press & Journal has revealed that mental patients in Tayside have been promised that they will not be denied payment for the gardening they do as part of their therapy.