Newspaper advises on energy efficiency

The Guardian newspaper has advised its readers of a number of ways to become more energy efficient – and thus save money.

It explained a condensing gas boiler, which makes use of energy that would otherwise escape, can help homeowners squeeze value from their energy.

Another idea is to install a home energy monitor to keep track of power usage, it suggested.

The newspaper cited evidence that the devices encourage people to turn off appliances by showing them how much they are spending.

It said the technology is easily installed and gives an accurate reading of usage in pounds and watts.

Homeowners considering building a conservatory may also wish to choose a reputable brand to ensure heat-loss is kept to a minimum during the cooler months.

Another tip offered by the paper is to make use of grey water from washing up by redirecting it to toilets or the garden.

Meanwhile, a number of gardening retailers have noticed Brits are becoming more environmentally conscious by growing their own food instead of buying it in supermarkets.