Newcastle Botanic Garden to Close

It has been announced that Newcastle’s botanic gardens are due to close this November, as the leaseholders, Newcastle University, have decided not to renew their affiliation with the site.

The Moorbank botanic garden, located off Claremont Road in the city, is a focal point for many green fingered volunteers, with the closure described as a “devastating blow”.

The Friends of Moorbank had previously drawn up a business plan in a desperate bid to save the gardens by opening it up to the public and utilising the facilities for educational purposes. However a statement by the Friends seems to have conceded defeat;

“With much regret, the likelihood of the Moorbank botanic garden closing in November is very high. The Friends of Moorbank have been working to keep the garden as a community asset. However the Freemen who manage the land that Moorbank resides on have announced that they have no intention to offer a lease for the land and buildings to a third party.”

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