New York paper gives bulb-growing tips

A New York state newspaper has been distributing growing advice for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts to make use of during the colder months.

The Daily Mail suggested that now is a good time to get spring flowering bulbs into the ground, although it said the recent weather could make successful growing a challenge.

Major bulbs such as tulips, hyacinth, daffodils and Frittilaria should be planted individually, while minors like crocus, muscari and snowdrops do well in groups of ten or more.

Soil should be tilled thoroughly to a depth of around half a foot, while a few inches of compost should also be worked in.

A cup each of dried blood and bonemeal for every ten sq ft of bed should also help boost soil nutrients, the newspaper suggested.

Minor bulbs should be planted pointy side up an inch below the surface, before two inches of mulch is added.

Once this has been done, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts need only wait until spring to see the fruits of their labour.

Meanwhile, horticulture expert Mark Campbell recently gave out tips in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.