New website to encourage home-growing

A new website has been initiated in California encouraging people to grow their own food rather than rely on supermarkets.

The site, named, aims to counter rising food costs and global warming by encouraging people to grow their own produce.

The website has been designed as a social gardening forum of sorts, intended as a meeting place for gardeners to discuss sustainable gardening habits, and to swap tips and advice.

Site co-founder Jules Dervaes said: "Were providing the setting for over-the-fence chats, so neighbours can help each other.

"Through our website, we facilitate their getting together."

Mr Dervaes and his family have been growing their own food at their home in Los Angeles for seven years, and are keen to encourage others to do the same.

The website is free to use and is intended to liberate people from the increasing corporate costs of food.

Through online challenges people are encouraged to eat healthy diets, and to reduce their expenditure by cutting their dependence on supermarkets.