New online tips source for garden and greenhouse owners

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts across the US have a new online resource for horticultural hints and tips in the shape of

Aimed at providing how-to advice for growers, the site was founded by experienced gardener Noel Valdes.

With three decades of experience in raised bed vegetable growing, Texas-based Mr Valdes and his son Geoff are well positioned to offer suggestions to users of the website.

He explained that small-scale fruit and vegetable growing can be seen as one of the best solutions to many of the world’s food problems.

"It is our mission to help people grow their own food," the expert said. "We promote helpful gardening techniques and we provide recipes for food that can be grown in the home garden."

As well as advice, the online resource offers horticultural products, including its own Wisconsin-made tools, such as a weeder and cultivator.

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