New invention takes the pain out of trimming

A new invention from Belgium could see the pain taken out of trimming the hedges.

Gardeners who do a lot of trimming often complain of sore backs, arms, necks and shoulders after using electric or petrol trimmers.

But the new invention, called the Elephants Trunk, can help put a stop to that by reducing the weight of the trimmer to just 1kg.

A harness with a loop effectively gives an extra hand taking the machines weight, limiting the stress on the back and arms.

DJ Turfcare managing director David Jenkins expressed his feelings about the devices potential.

"The Elephants Trunk will revolutionise the way professionals and amateurs tackle
hedge trimming," he said.

"By making lighter work of an arduous chore this effective device will make
the cutting of hedges less daunting, reducing muscle and back strain."

The device works by transferring weight away from the back and onto the hips.

It is adjustable for users of different sizes and for different weights of hedge trimmers.