New horticulture website launched

A new online resource has been set up for those who take their garden and greenhouse activities seriously. was founded by Minneapolis grower Barb Hegman, who is currently in the middle of a horticulture masters degree.

According to the Star Tribune, the site is the result of a survey that questioned 2,000 master gardeners about their habits when it comes to recording data about their work.

Aimed at serious enthusiasts, the online journal can be trialled for free for the first 30 days, with those who wish to stay on paying $21 a year or $45 for three years.

It includes a database of 1,500 plants and allows gardeners to keep a record of what they have planted, when flowers began to bloom and even photographs of their garden.

The ability to create a personalised to do list and the seasonal, zone-specific advice on the site also make it worth trying.

"Its an organisational tool that can be used by anybody," Ms Hegman explained.

In other news, the Brandon News & Tribune has suggested that the number of butterflies in Florida is once again on the increase.