New high in allotment memberships

The UKs premier garden and greenhouse authority has noted that the number of people interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables is rising.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) explained that membership numbers for allotments around the country have grown to an all-time high.

Recent research found that 73 per cent of RHS affiliated gardening clubs have recorded an increase or stabilisation of membership numbers in the last year, with many having to create waiting lists for those wishing to join.

"Our survey reveals people have been joining or even forming their own gardening and allotment clubs for a variety of reasons," explained RHS community horticulture manager Stephanie Eynon.

The desire to grow your own food, save cash and have the chance to swap tips with other gardeners were given as some of the main reasons for joining such a scheme.

Socialising was another attractive aspect of using an allotment, with one respondent to the research noting how "it brings the community spirit back".

Meanwhile, the RHS is hosting Dig Together Day on September 4th and 5th, which will see gardeners around the country helping to engage others in horticulture.