New green space to be created in Manchester

Manchurians are to be given a large area of new forest to enjoy, after multi-million pound plans to transform a large area of wasteland were revealed.

Around £4.9 million has been set aside by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NRDA) to fund the project at Moston Brook, the Royal Horticultural Society reported.

It explained that the initiative is part of a larger plan to redevelop old industrial areas across the north-west for the good of the local people.

The NRDA is working with the Forestry Commission in a partnership worth £59 million to create havens for wildlife throughout the area.

Known as Newlands, the project is also set to revamp sites at Brickfields, Town Lane, Belfield, Brockholes and Bidston Moss.

It was launched in 2003 and aims to target some of the worst areas of neglected land, "transforming them into thriving, durable, community woodlands".