New Gardeners World series will hit screens too late

The decision of schedulers to delay the broadcast of the new series of Gardeners World could have a significant impact on enthusiasts, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, the new series of the established gardening show is not due to air until April 3rd.

Presenter Carol Klein believes this poses a problem as it means many gardeners will not be able to hear the advice of the programmes experts during late February or early March.

It is at this time that horticulturalists should start preparing for the new gardening year in earnest by organising the greenhouse and planting early seeds indoors.

"We are starting again at the beginning of April," Ms Klein confirmed in the paper.

"It is late to come back as people are interested earlier and earlier in starting things off indoors and starting things off early."

Raspberry and blackcurrant bushes and apple and pear trees should all have been planted this year before the Gardeners World theme tune starts up for the first time in 2009.

However, keen gardeners can still access hints and tips via the Gardeners World website.