New flashing plant pot could aid amateur gardeners

Amateur gardeners may be among the biggest beneficiaries of a new plant pot that has been created and lights up when a plant needs attention.

Natalie King created the Tulipe pot during the final year of university study, with the working prototype taking eight months to complete.

Three sensors are placed in the base of the pot and they change from green to red should a plant need moisture, light or a warmer temperature.

Miss King said: The pot is designed to give feedback, which will hopefully make gardening easier and encourage people to have a go.

"It could also be useful for people who want to give gardening a try but are scared of killing their plants – hopefully this will make things simple."

She added that the product could help those with poor eyesight who struggle to see plants in the required level of detail.

An investor is now being sought to help the pot become available on the mass market.

Among the things that gardeners may wish to remember when purchasing a plant pot are to ensure it is large enough to hold a desired plant and that it has drainage holes in the bottom.