New fertiliser website launched

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to know that they can now get information on organic growing and chemical-free fertilisers through a new site online.

Safe Fertiliser Reviews is dedicated to conducting tests of fertilisers and making its findings known to those with an interest in eco-friendly horticulture.

It hopes to help users grow healthy plants, flowers and produce by providing relevant information on the best techniques and organic matter to use in the US.

The site also features a range of articles on gardening, books, soil care and other horticulture topics which may be useful to garden and greenhouse fans.

It is run by, which is an online resource offering products and data relating to crisis management, emergency situations and natural fertilisers.

Meanwhile, the Early Show has suggested that gardeners wrap plants in protective frost blankets to help them stay healthy during the winter months.

It also said that having Christmas lights on bushes could actually keep the plants warm when switched on, which may help protect against freezing conditions.