New EU rules could see veg prices double

New European Union (EU) proposals could see alcohol passed safe to drink being dismissed as unsafe for use as a pesticide.

The proposals come as part of measures that would see a change in the way plant treatment products are assessed, meaning that scientific risk-based assessments are disregarded and replaced by assessments based on perceived hazard.

The news has led to claims by the National Farmers Union that the UKs ability to produce food would become severely restricted.

A Cranfield University study has shown that the proposed ban could remove 85 per cent of pesticides used in UK farming and could see household staples like potatoes and broccoli double in price.

NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond called for the proposals to be scrapped.

"With food security now making political headlines, this is the time to be safe-guarding our ability to produce affordable, quality food," she said.

"It is not the time to start banning the very tools which make food production possible across the EU."

If the proposals are passed, it could see a surge in the number of Brits growing their own vegetables and therefore a surge in demand for greenhouses.