New electric weed killer developed

An electronic device that kills weeds has been developed. The gadget, which fires a 2,500 volt charge, is designed to break down the cell walls of pesky weeds such as dandelions and nettles, causing them to wilt, dry out and then disintegrate into the soil.

Dr Mike Diprose, who invented the device, said that it will help to “revolutionise” gardening and help gardeners to cut down on the use of hazardous chemical pesticides.

“It could clear overgrown plots in hours and tackle weeds more than 6ft high,” he said.

The gadget is a similar size to a vacuum cleaner and comes with a cable and probe, which has a metal spike attached to it.

Dr Diprose wears safety equipment when using the device, including rubber gloves and wellies.

Unfortunately, amateur gardeners will not be able to use the device, as Mr Diprose says that it is too dangerous. He suggested that operators of the gadget should be licensed and trained and then called out to people’s homes to help destroy weeds.

Guy Barter of the Royal Horticultural Society backed the device, stating that it could help to lower the use of weedkillers.