New conservatory a must for Savannah

Savannah Millers conservatory was the only thing she bought new during a £50,000 renovation of her new home, it has been revealed.

The fashion designer, sister of actress Sienna, explains that cost was a key consideration when deciding what to buy new and what to refurbish, reports the Independent.

Her husband Nick tells the publication: "Everything had to pass through a filter of environmental concerns, the character of a period house, selling on and price."

Meanwhile, Savannah adds: "Economic concerns are the case for everyone."

The conservatory was added as part of a process which saw a number of walls knocked down, as previously reported in the Times.

As part of the procedure, the kitchen and living room were connected and extended by virtue of the conservatory.

The Times reported that this created a "vast, light space" rather than the cramped area which Savannah had previously noted was not big enough to "swing a cat" in.