New book encourages kids to grow food

Americans looking for a way to get their kids interested in organic garden and greenhouse activities may wish to pick up a copy of a new book.

A Garden For Pig is designed to encourage youngsters to grow their own fruit and vegetables and includes numerous horticultural tips, as well as a story based on a real pig.

Written by Kathryn Thurman, the book was inspired by Basil, a swine who lived on the author’s family farm and helped with the gardening.

The pig also educated numerous visitors about the humane treatment of animals and how intelligent his kind can be, she explained.

"He tilled, fertilised and really did plant his own squash garden without any help from humans – all organic, of course," Ms Thurman added.

The book tells the story of Pig – a swine who wants tasty vegetables but is not allowed into his owner’s kitchen garden.

However, after some "mischief", he gets a vegetable garden of his own and all the yummy food he can eat.

In other news, the Daily Star has reported that Simon Cowell has turned to gardening to relieve stress.