New 50s exhibition highlights old ideals

An exhibition celebrating the home-improvement techniques prevalent in the UK in the post-war 1950s has opened in Middlesex.

The new Designer Style: Home Decorating in the 1950s brings back a time when thrifty home improvement was preferred to moving house – a trend that is very relevant in todays climate.

According to the Independent, the 1951 Festival of Britain saw a boom in home-improvement as many looked to brighten-up their homes after years of having them boarded up and blitz-proofed during World War II.

An explosion of colourful textiles and extravagant graphics ensued and set the UK up for the vibrant 50s and 60s.

Some of the most impressive displays of affordable home designs from that era will be on display at the new exhibition at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture at Middlesex University.

The 1950s designs may be retro now, but the idea behind the home improvement boom has never been more relevant.

As the UK struggles to cope in the aftermath of the credit and housing fiascos, home-improvements, such as conservatories and loft conversions, have once again taken centre stage for those looking for a larger space in which to hang their hat.