Nature knows best

When it comes to choosing the right materials for building a greenhouse, Gabriel Ash looks to nature. It chooses the very best quality, slow grown Western Red Cedar timber to build the frames for its greenhouses.
The greenhouse frames are hand made by craftsmen in the British based workshop using the best quality materials and techniques to ensure the longevity of every single greenhouse.
When you buy a Gabriel Ash greenhouse you are investing in the ultimate in design, craftsmanship and materials. Each greenhouse is made with love, experience and great care.

The timber frames are the starting point and form the strength and structure of the finished glasshouse. Western Red Cedar is not just any old cedar wood, the quality and origin of the timber is vital to ensure the expected longevity of every Gabriel Ash glasshouse. Greenhouse timber needs to exhibit straight grain for strength, and an even and close grain from trees that have been grown steadily in the correct climate to enhance the strength of the timber.
Western Red cedar trees are tall with long straight grain. This is especially important for timber frames that surround glass panes. The Western Red cedar is unlikely to warp or twist or compromise the integrity of your greenhouse, ensuring a long life and minimal maintenance throughout its existence.
Western Red Cedar is a soft wood that is free from resin, making it especially good to work with and easy to stain or paint if required. It also has exceptional weather resisting properties and contains natural oils that are toxic to the fungi that cause timber decay, thus protecting the greenhouse frame from moisture decay.
The timber stays relatively dry releasing any absorbed moisture naturally and fast, so that it won’t swell and split, or suffer from shrinkage or expansion, again making it ideal to frame windows and greenhouse panes. It is also naturally resistant to most boring insect attack. This means the wood does not need to be treated with toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to plant growth, wildlife or children.

Western Red Cedar withstands the test of time. As it ages the wood remains sound, solid and beautiful, aging gracefully and taking on a soft silvery hue. It’s the obvious choice for a greenhouse and an amazing material that seems almost too perfect to be true.
And there’s more. Western Red Cedar is also a good insulator so that it actually retains heat and stops heat loss at the frame too. Compared to a plastic or aluminium framed greenhouse, a greenhouse with a frame made of quality Western Red Cedar acts as a natural thermostat and tends to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

This quality material commands a high price and the better the quality the more it costs. To enjoy its benefits you need to aim high and buy the very best quality greenhouse you can afford. Don’t be fooled by cheaper glasshouses made from inferior quality wood or worse, other timber. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for.
Greenhouses bearing the Gabriel Ash name have a lot to live up to and as a result are understandably revered in the gardening world. It’s the ultimate wooden greenhouse.

The timber used to create the Gabriel Ash greenhouse is all sourced from managed forests where it grows naturally. Natural regeneration and reforestation programmes ensure that it remains a renewable resource and creates a perpetual harvest.
For a greenhouse that blends into a traditional British garden, a Gabriel Ash glasshouse is the obvious choice. It’s also the only British made quality Red Cedar greenhouse to be accredited by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society).

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