Natural light increases property value

Homeowners looking to increase the value of their property are being told to increase levels of natural light rather than spend thousands of pounds on an extension.

Research from Abbey reveals the average extension would set homeowners back £33,800, while only adding £13,568 to the propertys value. Instead, homeowners should consider value-for-money options, according to an article in the Times.

Natural light can be enhanced with the installation of roof or sky lights, which are becoming increasingly popular in peoples bathrooms and bedrooms.

Conservatories, too, are an excellent way of increasing the size of properties without forking out money for an extension – with natural light usually their selling point.

The Times article also recommends lighting up gloomy corners, namely basements and dingy ground floors, by fitting twice the amount of light fittings and using dimmer switches.

Home improvements are still remarkably popular despite the economic downturn. Lloyds TSB recently reported a 20 per cent jump in the amount of people trying to borrow money to develop their properties.