Must have items for 2009

The Scripps Howard News Service has been exploring the trends and must have items for gardeners this year.

While the company usually supplies a top ten list of gadgets and gizmos, only nine items made this years list.

Included in the essentials were the CobraHead precision weed tool, the Black and Decker 36-Volt String Trimmer and Green Jeans.

While the first two items are fairly self explanatory, the Green Jeans are worth a further mention.

"These are lightweight, nylon, protective chaps, tough enough for even the most demanding gardeners and landscapers," the review reads.

"Theyre water and wind-resistant and go on and off easily with non-binding straps."

Gardeners will also benefit from generous padding around the knees to help stop bruising when working hard in the garden and greenhouse.

The Nashville Gardening Examiner recently suggested that gardeners take advantage of used book stores to pick up bargain gardening books.