Museum extension to levitate

The extension to Baths Holburne Museum will make the structure appear to levitate, its architect has explained.

Speaking to online resource Building Design, Eric Parry states that the design features a reflecting pool that incorporates a glazed panel.

He notes that it encircles the entire extension – except for the entry point for visitors – and the glass screen will hang from the mezzanine down to the ground level.

Mr Parry notes that there are gaps between the glass, allowing it to breathe.

"This glass is suspended above the water, which is outside and inside to the double-glazed inner line, so it will catch light and reflect it at the base. The intention is to enhance the sense of levitation," he explains.

In other news, online resource PSFK recently noted that retailer Muji has established a new shop – which makes extensive use of glass in its design – in New York City.