Mum scoops conservatory prize

A lucky mother-of-four has scooped the prize of a £10,000 conservatory in a competition run by the Peterborough Evening Telegraph newspaper.

Jane Schofield was counting her lucky stars after hearing that she had won the prize ahead of around 500 other entrants, according to the paper.

The director of marketing at the company supplying the prize was quick to point out how prudent it is to invest in a conservatory in the unstable market.

"We wanted to emphasise to readers that in these difficult economic times, it is wise to consider adding a conservatory to a house rather than a bricks and mortar extension, which is generally much more costly," said EYGs Frank Saunders.

"Todays conservatories, with their quality build standards, temperature controls and eco-glass, provide a cost-effective alternative to increasing the familys habitable space."

A conservatory can also add an element of modern style to a home, often separating it from its neighbours with an individual flourish.

While older conservatories may be draughty and cold, modern conservatories keep the heat very well and can offer a cosy getaway in which to relax.