MPs gardening expenses revealed

While Brits are known for being garden-proud, a number of MPs have done their best to trump everyone, by claiming thousands of pounds in expenses for horticultural goods and services.

One of the biggest spenders was Conservative MP for Gosport Sir Peter Viggers, who has spent tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money on his outdoor space.

Sir Peter reportedly claimed around £30,000 – with many tasks being basic maintenance carried out by garden and greenhouse enthusiasts on a regular basis around the country.

He paid someone £68.74 each of the 15 times the mowed his lawn over the summer of 2006, totalling more than £1,000, according to the Guardian.

Other claims include £770 for strimming, £174 for the repair of the lights on his olive tree and £115 for routine pest control, it reported.

Mr Viggers has now said he will stand down, after it emerged he had spent £1,645 on a floating duck house.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reported prime minister Gordon Brown was at the lower end of the scale, submitting gardening expenses of £1,157.50 between July 2007 and March 2008.