More people in US plan to grow their own fruit and veg

An increasing number of people are growing food in their gardens and greenhouses in the US in response to rising food prices and a desire to improve the quality and taste of the food they are eating, it has been revealed.

Research conducted by the National Gardening Association (NGA) shows 43 million people are expected to grow their own fruit and vegetables in 2009, which is seven million more than last year.

With 21 percent of respondents to the survey saying they would be growing their own food for the first time this year, it appears that there will be greater demand for gardening and greenhouse tips over the next few months.

Whats more, Bruce Butterfield, research director for the NGA, believes that the trend could be more long-term than a year-long fad.

"As in previous recessions, weve seen increased participation in and spending on food gardening as people look for ways to economize," he explained.

"That said, these results suggest the interest in food gardening may continue to increase, even after the economy improves."

NGAs current tip of the week is to fertilize evergreen pine trees as soon as they start to grow.