Monty Don announces his favourite gardening books

The Guardian yesterday published Gardeners World presenter and veteran Observer gardening correspondent Monty Dons top ten list of gardening books.

At number three is Richard Mabeys Flora Britannica, which Mr Don considers the ideal reference for anything wild-flower related.

Second in the list is the classic The English Gardener by William Cobbett.

"Cobbett is cantankerous, opinionated and often outrageous, but he was a meticulous journalist and his thoroughness is as relevant today as it is a slice of life in the 1830s," writes Mr Don.

Heading up his list is Derek Jarmans Garden by Derek Jarman, which he calls "the single most inspirational and best produced book on gardening of any kind."

He proclaims the book should be a benchmark for all other illustrated gardening books, despite it now being 13-years-old.

Other notable inclusions in the list are the Royal Horticultural Societys The Vegetable Garden displayed (1961 edition) and The Organic Salad Garden by Joy Larcom.

Monty Dons own book, The Complete Gardener (Dorling Kindersley) is out now.