Money well spent for London school

A London school has invested tens of thousands of pounds in giving its pupils extra skills to help them when they venture out into the world.

Britannia Village Primary in Silvertown has spent £28,000 to build a garden to give the kids a taste of life as a horticulturalist, according to the Newham Recorder.

The garden includes a greenhouse constructed of recycled plastic bottles and will be used to teach pupils how varying temperatures and conditions allow gardeners to grow a diverse range of plants.

Surrounding the greenhouse are a number of fruit trees and areas designated for growing herbs and vegetables.

The garden will also be fed by an innovative rainwater harvesting system, making it eco-friendly and teaching the pupils about sustainable gardening.

School business manager Rachel Thackery told the newspaper that the garden isnt just there as a feast for the eyes.

"The garden is intended to be used as a curriculum resource, an outdoor classroom where pupils can be involved in hands-on learning about sustainability, and where their families can also participate," she said.

In other gardening news, a 12-year-old girl from Cambridgeshire has been named as the Young Blind Gardener of the Year by the Times, for his work in his school garden.