Modern kitchens are attractive features

Kitchens which have a contemporary design have been identified as attractive features for consumers by the National Landlords Association (NLA).

In news that may well be of interest to people thinking of investing in a kitchen extension, Simon Gordon, head of communications at the body, states that many landlords now find they have to enhance a property to attract tenants.

He notes that prospective tenants consider a number of different facilities to be important to them when it comes to leasing a property.

"Modern bathrooms and kitchens are often attractive and many tenants prefer to rent somewhere with wooden flooring," Mr Gordon explains.

He suggests that ensuring that a building is newly decorated and kept at a high standard can also be beneficial when looking to tempt tenants.

Meanwhile, a survey by architect Duo Dickinson in This Old House Magazine recently suggested that kitchen islands, which facilitate cookery and even socialising, are becoming increasingly popular.