Mind your feet, gardeners told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been urged not to forget to look after their feet this summer.

According to OurHealthNetwork.com, many horticulture lovers will experience foot pain this summer.

The online resource advised this is avoidable through preparation such as wearing the correct footwear and stretching.

"Gardening is an exertive weight-bearing activity and should be considered a sport rather than a passive hobby," said Dr Paul R Kasdan, founder and medical director for OurHealthNetwork.com.

He added the proper socks and shoes should be worn to avoid the feet suffering from a lack of support and cushioning.

Dr Kasdan suggested gardeners look for a round-fronted shoe with space for the toes to move and a rubber sole to avoid bruising when stepping on stones.

The online resource also offers a number of stretches to help avoid injury, including a lunge to prepare the Achilles and ankle rotations to loosen off.

Meanwhile, UK website GoCompare.com recently suggested gardeners may find their yards targeted by thieves during summer.