Millions waiting on market change before buying property

Around four million homeowners are holding back on re-entering the property market, it has been suggested.

Research from First Direct found many were willing to wait it out before selling in order to "cash in" on cheaper homes when the market reaches its bottom.

The bank estimated UK householders could be sitting on a savings pot of £20.2 billion, patiently passing the time until they invest in a larger property.

It discovered the average Brit expected the housing market to begin rising steadily again by October 2010, while one in six predicted the same could happen by the end of this year.

Around 15 per cent of Londoners admited to playing the waiting game, delaying house-buying decisions until the market begins to recover.

While 25 per cent feel fortunate to be able to act in this way, a further 20 per cent say it is forcing them to postpone decisions over marriage and children.

More than one in ten (12 per cent) feel they will never get on to the property market as prices stand.

Those who are waiting may decide to take advantage of the summer weather by building a conservatory to make the most of the garden.

Homeowners who choose to invest in the garden may be interested to hear that the Royal Horticultural Society is set to host its Cardiff Flower Show this weekend.