Micro-farm springs up in Reno

Horticulturalists in Reno, Nevada, have founded a micro-farm community garden, continuing a trend that has seen similar projects spring up in Miami and Washington recently.

With the recession and climate change major topics in the 21st century, growing fruit and vegetables could be more appealing to gardeners than before.

The scheme in Reno is designed to educate people on how to produce food from the earth, according to River School founder Tom Stillie.

"We decided to develop it as a demonstration garden and a classroom venue," he said, adding that cooperative gardening is cheaper than relying on mass agriculture.

The River School is a local educational centre specialising in sustainable living, emphasising the need to reduce natural resource expenditure.

Mr Stillie added that home-grown food can be better for your health as you have control over what is used to grow it.

First lady Michelle Obama recently broke ground on a vegetable patch at the White House, which will provide food for her family as well as a local soup kitchen.