Mexico’s Greenhouse Investment

Investment in Mexico is becoming increasingly lucrative, and the agricultural sector is no exception. Over the past 5 years $100million has been invested in a high-tech greenhouse scheme in the State of Queretano, in a conglomeration of greenhouses known as Agropark.

The main objective of Agropark is to attract investment from entrepreneurs who are interested in growing products for export, particularly for the rewarding US and Canadian markets, which demand high quality and safe produce.

The weather and geographic conditions coupled with the high quality Mexican labour force make the State of Queretano the ideal location for such initiatives. Additionally, the expansion of the Mexican middle class, for whom food quality and safety is becoming an increasing concern, means that investors will have access to a more vibrant and lucrative domestic market.

One such company to invest is Veggie Prime, who aim to take advantage of this growth by being certified at the highest level;

“We… aim to obtain certifications such as Global GAP, Greenhouse Certified, SQF and follow the guidelines set from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).”

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