May garden and greenhouse tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that the time for putting in hard work has arrived.

With the weather beginning to heat up, suggested that now is time to stop planning and start doing the things that you wish to do with your yard.

Its May gardening tips include using dried grass clippings as a mulch in flower beds and vegetable gardens.

However, it warns against using those that have been treated with herbicides as these can damage and even kill other plants.

Those planting annuals or perennials should be sure to loosen up the roots to help them spread, while it is a good idea to "fertilise everything right now".

"From your annuals, to fruit trees, to perennials, to shrubs, grass and etc. Use a higher phosphorous fertiliser to grow better flower, fruit, and vegetables," the website advised.

In other news, Mothers Day is coming up on May 9th and Fox 11s Good Day Wisconsin show recently got tips from local horticulture experts on useful presents for gardening lovers.